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Design and its impact on business results

By Tobias Bessone on August, 13 2015

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Tobias Bessone

Deputy CEO Wavetec
Is a renowned industry professional in the customer experience solutions industry. He has an obsessive passion for customer facing technologies that help corporations improve their service areas & customer experiences. He consults to some of the world’s largest brands on their customer experience strategy and journey; his focus areas are New Product Development and Customer Journey Design.


Steve Jobs, is an icon who achieved worldwide recognition due to his focus on design which is visible in Apple’s brand identity and the company’s high level of sophistication in its product portfolio. On one occasion he quoted “Design is not just what it looks like and feels. Design is how it works”.

To state, design is reflected in everything we do in our daily life is not new. Objects, scenarios, interactions are all included in this idea, although it is normally associated with aesthetic appearance.

In the domain of organizations, managers are also discovering themselves as designers when facing the challenge of formulating new strategies leading to business success. Resource management requires certain skills related to the use of tools as well as having a clear focus on goals. In doing so, business, clients and environment understanding becomes the main aspects of corporate sustainability.


Alpo Keinänen CEO – muodot



Nokia stores designed by Muodot




RAY stores designed byMuodot

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