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Don’t Make Me Wait- Digital Signage and Customer Flow Techniques!

By Jim Shields on May, 3 2016

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Jim Shields

CEO Business & Market Development Ltd, has joined Wavetec as an Industry Contributor for Wavetec Blog. Jim would be sharing insights and secrets with us about winning at the retail game. He is an established consultant in the Retail sector. With profound experience in strategy & marketing, brand research & development, store design and refits, and space and merchandise planning, Jim has helped redefine customer experiences at top retailers like Asda, Walmart, The Body Shop, Boots, DSGI, HBOS, J.Sainsbury, M&S, Orange, Tesco & Waitrose.

Online shopping has raised the expectations for speed, ease, choice, relevancy, and personalization. Today’s shoppers are more demanding - connected, impatient, in control – and expect more.

In a recent survey, more than 9 in 10 respondents said that “fast payment and reduced queue times were critical or valuable to their perception of a brand.”

Furthermore, 29% of consumers often leave stores without buying anything when they see long queues; a quarter of respondents often go to a competing store instead to buy the same items.


Used correctly, digital technology can help to improve customer flow, circulation, and speed of service throughout the store.

The use of retail digital signage screens to guide shoppers to the most appropriate service stations and checkouts, built into queue management systems, speeds up service and significantly reduces customer dissatisfaction while increasing store productivity.

The most effective queue management systems utilize digital screens both in their ‘Call Forward’ systems and in the queuing area itself and can reduce walk-aways by up to 95% while increasing awareness of promotions, impulse sales, and seamless customer flow.

Managing queues and analyzing your queuing efficiency to see how you can move your customers more quickly and efficiently, to leave them with a positive memory of dealing with you - or ask industry experts to help.


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