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Importance of Queue Management in Retail Industry

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 18, 2013 6:09:00 PM / by Wavetec

The retail industry deals with large number of customers each day. The checkout lines are considered to be one of the most critical junctures at a retail outlet . However, retail stores do not pay much attention towards managing these checkout lines effectively.  Most retailers believe that once a customer enters into checkout line, the sale is almost won. But that usually isn't the case, customers get frustrated and annoyed while waiting in long checkout lines. Hence, retailers must try to understand the importance of a having a queuing solution and digital signage in place to organize and engage customers.

 Eroski, a retail store chain in Spain installed an enterprise level queue management system followed by a digital signage platform at its Castro Urdiales supermarket.  

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 A customer won't consider returning to a retail outlet that has unmanaged queues and creates unpleasant experience. In order to create pleasant customer experiences and gain customer loyalty, retail outlets must integrate their existing customer checkout lines with a queue management system that ensures that customers are served in a fair manner and waiting lines move smoothly. 80% customers switch to a different retailer for shorter queues.  Hence, customer waiting time is an important indicator of how well checkout lines are operated by representatives. 

A customized and flexible queue management system can help retailers in creating positive customer experiences by reducing waiting time and increasing service efficiency. Retailers can adapt to linear queues or virtual queues according to their customer flow.  With an incredible queuing solution,  customers know when their turn arrives and this helps in reducing the perceived time, while allowing retailers to interact with their customers through digital signage solution.  Digital signage solution like Donatello Linea  and Donatello Vertica help retailsers in  engaging shoppers with advertisements, and informing them about new products, services and promotions.  Digital Signage also helps reduce customer waiting time and increases impulse buying, resulting in profitability for retailers. 


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