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Transform your In-store Journeys with Retail Digital Signage

By Jim Shields on May, 19 2016

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Jim Shields

CEO Business & Market Development Ltd, has joined Wavetec as an Industry Contributor for Wavetec Blog. Jim would be sharing insights and secrets with us about winning at the retail game. He is an established consultant in the Retail sector. With profound experience in strategy & marketing, brand research & development, store design and refits, and space and merchandise planning, Jim has helped redefine customer experiences at top retailers like Asda, Walmart, The Body Shop, Boots, DSGI, HBOS, J.Sainsbury, M&S, Orange, Tesco & Waitrose.

Before the advent of the Internet, the main part of the customer’s purchase decision process was carried out in-store, resulting in a tried and tested store layout, communication principles and customer flow in retail stores. 

The rapid growth of Online Shopping and ‘Showrooming’ has now greatly increased the numbers and types of shopping missions that a physical retail store is now required to accomodate. Shoppers still use stores in the traditional way, looking for buying ideas and comparing different options before making their purchase.

Retailers must therefore try to introduce interactive retail solutions that can hep customers at different stages of the buying process.2-17.jpg

Increasingly customers are more inclined towards forming their buying list through online research, and quite often, they actually purchase an item online with a few clicks and simply go to the retailer to collect their purchased items. The number of ‘Click & Collect’ locations in Europe is predicted to have reached half a million in 2015, a 20% increase on 2014, and trends show that demand for this service will continue to grow.

Customers want different items and engage with brands in different ways at each stage of their shopping journey.


 In-store visual display solutions can greatly improve a store’s capability by engaging customers through targeted messaging and efficiently handling the different and increasingly complex customer journeys. Interactive retail digital & store signage can help  to captivate consumers, grab their attention and drive your sales. 

Use it to deliver the right message at the right time to the right customer, manage appointments pre and post-arrival, provide flexible guidance and speed up service.

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