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Multifunctional and Interactive Android Based Kiosk for the New Era!

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 23, 2013 12:00:00 AM / by Wavetec

The multifunctional and interactive Kiosks are free-standing pavilions which allow businesses to provide on demand information, create awareness, interact and make transactions. The new android based kiosk allows companies to display rich media and web content to create a compelling experience.

It helps in delivering value to customers by being cost and time effective. It can be used by diverse businesses in different industries such as airport check in system, retail product display or as a transactions facility. These kiosks can be fully customized to meet the demands of our customers.

These kiosks can be used for various functions for example:

-Display real time information of products, services or share ideas. -Provide access to internet for customers -Display advertisements to attract customers and generate revenues -Make transactions as point of sale function

With over two decades of creating customer experience, Wavetec now provides its customers high quality kiosk systems which help them enhance their business operations. Wavetec provides a complete range of services with android kiosk including hardware, software and installation.