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Orchestrate brilliant customer experiences with Donatello Vertica

By Leandro Blank on December, 28 2015

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Leandro Blank

General Manager Wavetec Europe
Leandro heads Wavetec business in Europe. A true professional with entrepreneurial attitude. He is passionate about improving customer experience with tech. He believes in using Phygital approach to connect the online and offline worlds will allow you to create closer, more efficient, and human customer experiences.


Wavetec’s free standing signage solution – Donatello Vertica is an all-in-one 40 display with a slim design for a multitude of indoor and semi-outdoor environments.

Designed to deliver amazing front screen performance, Donatello Vertica is apt for diverse applications and can help businesses run targeted campaigns effectively in locations with high customer footfall. Scroll down to see how this incredible customer facing device can help you drive customer engagement.

For more information about Donatello Vertica, click here.

Interested in getting Donatello Vertica for your business? Want to know about its benefits and Technical Specifications? Download our brochure.



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