Queue Management System in Malaysia

By Wavetec on May, 10 2013

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Malaysia is one of the most organized countries when it comes to customer flow management. Service-oriented organizations in Malaysia such as banks, government institutions, hospitals, clinics, telecom service centers, shipping companies, etc use advanced queue management systems to improve customer satisfaction levels.


A queuing system in Malaysia is also referred to as a token system or a token machine. In Malaysia queuing systems are used for various purposes as they provide essential and valuable data such as the average waiting time of a customer, average serving time of a teller, and much more.

Malaysia is the demand hub for innovative queue management systems with features such as integration with customer relationship management, the appointment system, etc.  Banks are using queue management systems very efficiently for identifying customers and giving them personalized service. Moreover, banks are effectively using the queuing system for appraisal management and performance management through the teller reports in a queuing system.

Malaysia will soon be attracting major queue management system brands to the country, considering the flexible government policies, the never-ending potential, and the acceptance of new technologies in the country.

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