Strategies to improve customer flow and line efficiency

By Wavetec on July, 4 2013

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As a global leader in delivering customer experiences solutions to transform customer journey, Wavetec provides a diverse portfolio of solutions from queue management systems, to digital signage, customer feedback systems, service area design and financial displays.



Be realistic! In the real world, customer flow and long queues exist. A service environment has to deal with customer queues, particularly in retail stores, banks, restaurants, hospitals and DMVs. Make the most out of your customer journey by ensuring that in-store customer flow is smooth, interactive and hassle free. Here’s how to improve your customer journey to provide a holistic customer experience:


Engage Your Customers


Occupy your customers' time and keep them engaged.  A digital signage solution  allows users to play videos, news, advertisements or other interesting information to interact with customers and at the same time keeping them informed about their waiting status. Digital Signage can seamlessly integrate with the queue management system, which enables businesses to organize and manage the overall customer experience effectively.   


Reduce line and wait time anxiety
Optimize your customer journey by creating a service delivery environment which enhances your business performance and organizing customers, their wait time and overall experience. Wavetec’s customizable queuing system is the ultimate solution to reduce customer anxiety and perceived waiting times. Businesses can deploy linear or virtual queuing system according to their customer service design and even enable customers to take a ticket via a mobile app.


Endorse fairness
Promote queues in fair and organized manner. As the service proceeds, customers feel content. Ticket Dispensing Units generate a ticket for each customer. The ticket provides customers with information regarding customer wait time, ticket number, and counter number.
Single line queues encourage first come first served service and thus encourage fair queuing however, in certain cases, priority based calling can also be integrated with the system.



After a smooth flow, it’s time for customer feedback
Customer-centric organizations want to know their customer’s insight, in order to provide better serve each time.  Customer feedback systems allow you to know customer’s level of satisfaction. It gives you an opportunity to develop a competitive edge over others, by creating a positive experience for your customers.


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