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Queue Management Self-Service Digital Queuing

Prioritizing Patient Satisfaction
By Hakim Faiz on July 30, 2021

In This Blog: Why is patient satisfaction important? How best can it be achieved?  

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Digital Queuing Webinar WhatsApp Queuing

Insights from “WhatsApp Queuing Powers 3Million+ Safer Customer Journeys at Banorte” webinar
By Hakim Faiz on June 29, 2021

Topic Banorte bank branches deployed Wavetec WhatsApp Queuing software to digitally onboard customers in a safe and Covid19 friendly way. They saw meteoric success in effectively...

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Queue Management Innovation Digital Queuing

Which industries can benefit from deploying virtual queuing?
By Hakim Faiz on June 29, 2021

In This Blog: What are the advantages of deploying virtual queuing? What industries benefit from virtual queuing?  

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Customer Experience Digital Queuing Visitor Management

Long waiting lines are annoying. Is there a solution?
By Hakim Faiz on June 24, 2021

In This Blog: Why are long waits detrimental to customer satisfaction? What steps can be taken to reduce actual and perceived wait times? Waiting in line is part and parcel of most...

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Queue Management Customer Experience Digital Queuing

Queue Management System FAQs
By Hakim Faiz on June 14, 2021

What is a Queue? It is a hot summer day, you're craving ice cream and so are other people. You all head in the same direction. As you arrive at the ice cream van, you see a line forming,...

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Digital Queuing Customer Experience Solutions Visitor Management

Virtual Queuing Systems FAQs
By Hakim Faiz on June 9, 2021

What is a Virtual Queueing System? A virtual queuing system is one of the most preferred ways for businesses to manage their waiting lines. A virtual queuing system allows customers to...

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Queue Management Self-Service Digital Queuing

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Queuing
By Eduardo Barraza A on April 7, 2021

In this blog: - Customer demands have evolved - Benefits of Digital Queuing for both customers and businesses - Digital Queuing - a unique solution for post-pandemic businesses from all...

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