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Customer Experience Innovation WhatsApp Queuing

One app to service them all, one app to manage them!
By Hakim Faiz on September 8, 2021

The seamless ease of WhatsApp as a messaging platform  WhatsApp is the foremost global messaging application with 2 billion international users. It touts benefits such as being...

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Customer Feedback Innovation Customer Experience Solutions

Keeping waiting customers happy is the trick to a successful business
By Hakim Faiz on July 9, 2021

In This Blog: What factors effect the queuing experience? How can the negative impacts of these be mitigated?

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Queue Management Innovation Digital Queuing

Which industries can benefit from deploying virtual queuing?
By Hakim Faiz on June 29, 2021

In This Blog: What are the advantages of deploying virtual queuing? What industries benefit from virtual queuing?  

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Innovation: the favorite word
By Wavetec on January 9, 2014

  In the last few years, the use of a single concept has been massively increasing in the business world. A concept that includes all industries and is present in many statements of...

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