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One app to service them all, one app to manage them!

By Hakim Faiz on September, 8 2021

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Hakim Faiz

Enticed by the abundance of vowels and motivated by a spirited delight in facilitating personalised and human visitor experiences, Hakim is a digital content strategist at Wavetec. She specialises in the articulation of queue management and self-service solutions, edifying them to wider networks of businesses.

The seamless ease of WhatsApp as a messaging platform 

WhatsApp is the foremost global messaging application with 2 billion international users. It touts benefits such as being completely free of cost to download and use, and very user-friendly. In addition to these, WhatsApp also:

  • Is free of advertisements 
  • End-to-end encrypted, for secure WhatsApp communication
  • Works without a SIM card, it only requires a registered mobile phone number 
  • Is available for use on web browsers and desktop systems like Windows, macOS, etc. 


With so many advantages, it is no wonder WhatsApp has seen itself become a household name and a part of daily vernacular. It is estimated that 69% of internet users have downloaded and used WhatsApp, making it an essential tool for the onboarding of digital clients, and a sensible choice for the onboarding of non-digital ones. 


Why did Wavetec choose WhatsApp as the medium for a queueing and scheduling system?

Given the widespread use of WhatsApp as a messaging application, it seemed the obvious choice as a platform for Wavetec’s queue management solutions. Additionally, the sheer number of integrations that WhatsApp facilitates and the seamlessness of onboarding clients via this app is unparalleled. 


When the pandemic hit in early 2020, Wavetec hit the ground running to find a queuing solution that worked for the New Normal. Hence was born the idea of virtual and remote queuing via a popular messaging service. Customers would converse with their business of choice, receive place securing tickets and wait safely and on their own terms. They would not need to touch any additional devices nor download any new applications. They would be updated with real-time notifications and know when and where to approach to be served. 


And the customer response was heartening! Adoption and onboarding rates were rising, occupancy limits were adhered to, sales were increasing and digitization was embraced. Seeing the success and convenience afforded by WhatsApp Queuing, we at Wavetec realised how much more there was to explore in relation to integrations via this app. And the next logical step was an appointment scheduling system. 


WhatsApp is an application for the people, whether they be digital or non-digital clients. Everyone uses it, knows how to communicate on it, and has it on their electronic devices which rarely leave their side. And it is these aspects that make it the ideal queue management partner. 


A WhatsApp-enabled visitor management future?

We believe that the possibilities are truly endless. From queuing and scheduling to feedback collection and complaint management, Wavetec looks forward to pioneering novel ways to keep your business and its patrons safe and satisfied. 


Our solutions are part of one big integrated family of systems that address your concerns, ease your issues and maintain your service standards. Our range of WhatsApp-enabled software and products work in accordance and collaboration with the rest of our ranges, be it digital signage, people counting, Spectra reporting and dashboards or self service kiosks. 


What features you can look forward to!

For your business

  • Complete and easy integration with existing queue management, digital signage, customer feedback and reporting solutions
  • No additional hardware installation required 
  • Customizable to meet your unique and circumstantial needs 


For your customers

  • Accessibility - multi-channel appointment booking via social media sites, websites, digital signage, etc.
  • Open and automated communication with their chosen business
  • Shorter actual and perceived wait times for greater customer satisfaction 
  • Multilingual language capabilities to facilitate users from different backgrounds 
  • Touchless and contactless self service for the socially distanced New Normal 
  • 24/7 automated appointment booking to cater to your schedule and convenience 
  • Real-time notifications and reminders to keep your customer up-to-date and aware 



To check out WhatsApp Appointments software, book your free demo today!

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