Who says LED Displays are just for entertainment and customer management purposes?

By Wavetec on May, 1 2013

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I remember only 2 years ago I came across a trending video on YouTube. It seemed interesting and so I gave it a view. It made me realize two very important things. First was the value of humans' life, and that nothing felt better than seeing them make it out of a catastrophe! It made me think about all the people they must be related to, their feelings, their emotions, and the happiness they all would get on seeing them make it out all right.

The second thing that I realized was rather disappointing. It was that it didn’t matter which culture they belonged to or the video I was watching was in a language that was impossible to understand. I was still smiling like a Doofus on seeing those people make it out. Whether ugly, dirty, smelly – I was on the verge of tears, in happiness, to see them!

Yes, I am talking about the Chilean Mining Accident that got a lot of coverage due to the historic 70-day survival of 33 men who were stuck in a mine. All these 33 men made it outside safe and sound without any major injuries (a lot of investment from the Chilean Government, the owners of the mine, and a lot of Multi-National Companies).

Without a doubt, the event got a massive response; even someone like me saw the video! Yet, it put a question on the Safety Measures that were being taken by the Mining Industry in Chile, and thereon the mining industries started taking initiatives to provide a safer environment to its stakeholders.

CODELCO being the world’s largest mining company had to maintain its reputation and didn’t want to leave a brick untouched in ensuring security and safety for its stakeholders.

The company wanted to display several safety messages which would help employees during their work hours and which would enable them to understand what needs to be done according to different situations. What CODELCO needed was an Information Display Solution which was to be put in a central location so no one would miss out on it.


A digital display was a wiser alternative since the information needed to be changed often and it serves also to show safety standards and warnings to its stakeholders. According to different situations, a site could go from safe to dangerous within seconds and the employees needed to be informed about this without any delay (like UV radiation levels, the danger of landslides, etc).

CODELCO not only wanted to display several safety messages, but it also wanted to be able to greet and wish their employees which would help them create a friendlier environment. A digital display solution was what could address all these issues in one.

CODELCO used Wavetec’s LED Display Solution to provide a safer and friendlier working environment for its stakeholders and that is what makes me think that LED Displays provide endless possibilities.

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