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Salman Arif

An enthusiastic, dynamic and versatile marketer with proven success in increasing market share and improving customer experience journeys in different industries. He has vast knowledge and insights about customer flow, and streamlining customer journey in service areas.
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Customer Experience

Filling up the Customer Service Delivery Gap
By Salman Arif on April 5, 2017

Analyzing the difference between reality and ‘supposed’ reality is essential for corporate development. According to a recent survey of 362 businesses by Bain & Company, there was an...

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Queue Management

What motivates to structure relentless waiting lines?
By Salman Arif on August 10, 2016


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Queue Management

Emerging Classifications of the Queuing System
By Salman Arif on June 13, 2016

  Classification of the queuing systems is usually governed by variables like phases and channels. They can also be sorted as finite or infinite. However, a unique perspective of queue...

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Queue Management Customer Experience

Should the Fauna Queuing System inspire Humans?
By Salman Arif on June 1, 2016

Homo sapiens are undoubtedly the most civilized species on the planet. However, we’ve got some tough competition when we set queue management as the parameter.

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