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Jim Shields

CEO Business & Market Development Ltd, has joined Wavetec as an Industry Contributor for Wavetec Blog. Jim would be sharing insights and secrets with us about winning at the retail game. He is an established consultant in the Retail sector. With profound experience in strategy & marketing, brand research & development, store design and refits, and space and merchandise planning, Jim has helped redefine customer experiences at top retailers like Asda, Walmart, The Body Shop, Boots, DSGI, HBOS, J.Sainsbury, M&S, Orange, Tesco & Waitrose.
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Customer Experience

Optimize Customer Journey In-Store with Queuing Solutions
By Jim Shields on September 29, 2016

In this blog, we will discuss the impact of the queue management system in improving the customer journey while analyzing the role of business intelligence in reviewing data analytics of...

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Digital Signage

Helping the Physical Store Fight Back Against Online Shopping with Digital Signage Technologies
By Jim Shields on August 17, 2016

The advent of the digital customer - mobile, connected, and informed - has transformed how the physical outlet needs to present its products and services, and raised expectations of service.

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Digital Signage

Transform your In-store Journeys with Retail Digital Signage
By Jim Shields on May 19, 2016

Before the advent of the Internet, the main part of the customer’s purchase decision process was carried out in-store, resulting in a tried and tested store layout, communication...

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Digital Signage

Don’t Make Me Wait- Digital Signage and Customer Flow Techniques!
By Jim Shields on May 3, 2016

Online shopping has raised the expectations for speed, ease, choice, relevancy, and personalization. Today’s shoppers are more demanding - connected, impatient, in control – and expect more.

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Digital Signage Customer Experience

Is your Digital Signage Technology Relevant to Today’s Shopping Trip?
By Jim Shields on March 28, 2016

Shoppers are bringing physical and digital retail formats together. They want the advantages of physical stores, such as face-to-face interaction with store personnel, products available...

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