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As a global leader in delivering customer experiences solutions to transform customer journey, Wavetec provides a diverse portfolio of solutions from queue management systems, to digital signage, customer feedback systems, service area design and financial displays.
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Mobile Money

Here’s Why Mobile Money will Dominate Emerging Markets
By Wavetec on November 1, 2022

In this blog: How mobile money empowers the unbanked, how it promotes financial inclusion, and how businesses can benefit from it.

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Customer Experience Self Service Kiosk Sim Card

The Best Locations for Telecom Customer Acquisition
By Wavetec on June 10, 2022

Telecom operators are in a full-blown battle to gain market share while facing rapidly declining margins. At the same time, customers in developing markets are warming up to technology;...

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Cash digitization: Upcoming Trends in Consumer Spending
By Wavetec on May 27, 2022

As the convenience of the plastic card grows, hard cash is less appealing to consumers worldwide. Findings from the 2015 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice show that only 26% of consumers...

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Digital Signage Customer Experience WhatsApp Queuing

Understanding the Electronic Queue Management System
By Wavetec on December 7, 2021

In This Blog  What is Electronic Queue Management and why is it important? What are the different types? How do they help you?   With the advent of the queue management system, customers...

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Customer Experience

What Is KYC And Why Is It Important?
By Wavetec on August 20, 2021

In this blog: Understanding KYC and its purpose The KYC process Compliance & automation

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Customer Experience Self Service Kiosk

Optimising Conversion in Self-Service Kiosks
By Wavetec on September 5, 2019

One of the things that comes up early in our engagement with businesses deploying self-service kiosks is the requirement to ensure that their customers can complete transactions quickly....

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Customer Experience Self Service Kiosk Digital Banking

Self-Service Kiosks – A Catalyst to Digital Banking Adoption
By Wavetec on August 28, 2019

In a world where customer experience trumps all, banks have had to evolve their customer experience to keep pace with ever evolving demands. Pakistan, a largely cash economy, recorded an...

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Customer Experience Self Service Kiosk Sim Card

Go where your customers are: data from self service deployments
By Wavetec on June 26, 2019

Wavetec’s fully integrated telecom self-service solutions allow telcos to rapidly deploy systems that are able to fully automate customer service. Analyzing data from a cross-section of our...

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Customer Experience Self Service Kiosk

Changing the horizons of banking transactions from conventional operations to digitalized functions
By Wavetec on June 20, 2019

Over the past years, banking and banking delivery is changing. This is particularly true in the case of developing countries such as Pakistan, Mexico, Kenya, etc. As banks improved their...

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