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As a global leader in delivering customer experiences solutions to transform customer journey, Wavetec provides a diverse portfolio of solutions from queue management systems, to digital signage, customer feedback systems, service area design and financial displays.
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Economics of the waiting game!
By Wavetec on August 7, 2013

Managing and organizing the waiting lines have become the challenge for today’s managers. The managers must mind the challenge of providing rapid service and the perceived waiting cost....

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Importance of Queue Management in Retail Industry
By Wavetec on July 18, 2013

The retail industry deals with large number of customers each day. The checkout lines are considered to be one of the most critical junctures at a retail outlet . However, retail stores do...

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The new era of LED Display Marketing
By Wavetec on July 16, 2013


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LED screen Supplier reliability is important!
By Wavetec on July 4, 2013

Suppliers are imperative for businesses to grow. In order to satisfy customer, business opt for supplier on whom they can rely on quality, reliability, consistency, fast service and better...

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Strategies to improve customer flow and line efficiency
By Wavetec on July 4, 2013


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Follow the Ice Berg rule when selecting LED Screen manufacturers
By Wavetec on June 27, 2013

It is important for a customer to know their seller. LED screen manufacturers can cheat you with their big brands creating a hoax for you. Please believe after seeing the complete picture....

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Increase operational efficiency through Queue Management
By Wavetec on June 18, 2013

Any business can increase and enhance their operational efficiency by managing the queues in quickest and most cost effective ways. The basic purpose of queue management system is to move...

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Improve your customer loyalty with Wavetec’s technology solution
By Wavetec on June 14, 2013

Every organization thrives to establish a strong market position among its competitors. For this customer relationship and experience management are essentials. These two concepts lead...

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LED walls work no matter what temperature
By Wavetec on June 5, 2013

LED Walls work no matter how cold it might be! During winters, the temperature reaches below -20C in central Europe. Finland and Sweden are extremely affected by these temperatures, with a...

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